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Archive for December 28th, 2011


30 Days of Yoga- Day 3

Hour of Power with Matt Sharpe

Newsflash of the century: I’m not good at getting out of bed. Every time I set my alarm for any time earlier than “natural wake up”, upon hearing my alarm I think, is what I planned to do this morning really more important than a few more blissful minutes/hours of sleep? Usually the answer is no (like for most of my pre 11am classes senior year at Cornell). This morning, at 6:55am, my answer was no. But at 7am, when I forced my eyes open once again, I suddenly felt awake. And if I was awake, I figured I might as well be doing yoga!

Early morning yoga may be against my 9 hour/night religion, but this morning, it was definitely worth it! Day three? Done and done.