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December 29, 2011

30 Days of Yoga- Day 4

Hour of Power with Tracy Gulbransen

Holy bootcamp. Maybe I have just forgotten how challenging power yoga is, but this class felt more like “preparation for deployment to Afghanistan” than the average “mid-day power yoga for stressed out (but very fit) housewives”. Less than 10 minutes into the class, I was sweating like than a fat man in a sauna suit (sorry for the visual) and things never really calmed down… not even in shavasana.

As Tracy told us to sink lower into the pose, push harder, hold longer, I remembered back to the reasons I was on my mat in the first place. I was there to let go. To be happy with my body for what it is and where it is. To challenge myself without pushing myself to a breaking point. As others obliged to Tracy’s requests, I listened to my body, sometimes sinking deeper, sometimes staying right where I was, and sometimes skipping the pose altogether.

I still got one hell of a great workout, but I’m pretty proud of myself for listening to my body foremost and the instructor second, for challenging myself without pushing too far, and for holding a pretty fricken baller handstand during free inversion time.

Day four. A sweaty success.

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