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Archive for January 1st, 2012


30 Days of Yoga- Days 6 & 7

Day 6: Power Yoga with Matt Sharpe

I said goodbye to 2011 by learning the basics of 8-angle pose… an arm balance which has always eluded me. Although my snappy hips and troublesome IT band made the leg crossing just a tad difficult (not to mention the prep work of sticking my leg behind my shoulder…) I sort of kind of achieved an ugly version of the pose. Sweet!

Day 7: Yin Yoga with Jeanette Goudallier

I said hello to 2012 by trying something new and relaxing. Because Yoga Belly was closed for New Years, I headed to YogaSource Los Gatos for a yin class, my first ever. It was their final day of classes in their old studio, so while we were busy letting gravity stretch our muscles apart while trying to keep our minds focused on the present, outside the studio YogaSourcers were busy loading up a big Uhaul with the remains of the old studio. It was at once exciting and sad– a new era of YogaSource starts tomorrow. I sure wish I lived closer!

One week of yoga, seven days of sweaty yoga clothes, and plenty of sore, but very, very happy muscles. I’m liking this commitment.