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Archive for January 2nd, 2012


30 Days of Yoga- Day 8

Power Yoga with Fiona So

Today was one of those days that I probably should’ve just stuck to an hour of pigeon and child’s pose. My entire body felt tired, all the way to my finger tips, but I breathed and somewhat forced my way through a 90-minute yoga session regardless. I suppose this is when my trainer, Stacey, would step in and tell me I’m overtraining. After all, 30 days of yoga is a bit of an arbitrary goal– not really grounded in any fitness theories or methods. I like to think that it’s calming my mind though… and helping me think more positively about myself and the world around me. I could use a more observant and less judgmental mind and spirit every now and then (read: always). We’ll see how the body feels tomorrow, but day 9 might merit a few simple sun salutations, some good hip openers, and 9 hours of shavasana.