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Archive for January 3rd, 2012


30 Days of Yoga- Day 9

Megan’s Greatest Hits with Me, Myself, and I

When my dad works out without his trainer, he does a series of exercises he’s either good at, feels are good for him, or thinks he should be doing. His trainer refers to that workout as “Steve’s Greatest Hits”. Today, since I missed the morning yoga class, worked all day, coached my team, rode my horse, and got home just about when the last Yoga Belly class ended this evening, I turned up Pandora’s Yoga station, silenced my phone, hopped on my mat, and proceeded to practice all my favorite yoga poses– Megan’s Greatest Hits.

What, might you ask, are Megan’s Greatest Hits? Lots of child pose, lunging hip flexor stretches, down dog, one-legged down dog with the hip lifted and knee bent, side cobra, a Megan version of cobra/up dog with my legs sprawled out that looks too hideous to practice in front of strangers, long pigeon stretches, a few handstands, splits, forward folds, pasarita, and a good long shavasana.

Perhaps Megan’s Greatest Hits was less well rounded than the average yoga class in a studio, but it felt oh so good. 9 days down. 21 to go.