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Archive for January 12th, 2012


30 Days of Yoga- Day 18

Vinyassa Flow with Roxanne Rashedi

Let me just say sorry to all. To those behind me during forward folds (especially half lifts), sorry that you had to see my pinkish purple undies. To those in front of me during down dogs, sorry if you saw more of me than you would’ve liked. Today I wore a new pair of Lulus my mom had willed me. They were too small for her and fit me pretty well… just a little big in the waist. (Note to self… big in the waist means when you bend over, underwear will be seen by all.)

When I realized my pants were going to be an embarrassing issue, I decided to embrace them. In fact, when Roxanne asked us to dedicate today’s practice to something, I dedicated it to my pants. “I dedicate this practice to my pants. May they please (please GOD) stay on and not show too much skin, and if they do, by chance, show more than I’d like, may I have the self-will and presence to adjust swiftly with lots of laughter and smiles.”

I know no one ever wants to see a whale tail, but hey, at least I was wearing cute undies today.