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Archive for July 30th, 2012


Team Blagan T-Shirts

Order a T-shirt to support us on our quest for a World Championship medal in Pas de Deux!

Shirts cost $25 each and come in two styles– women’s fitted v-neck and unisex crew. To order your shirt PM me on Facebook or send an email to specifying your preferred style and size. To make an additional tax-deductible donation, ask me for details.

The T-shirt logo is inspired by the horses who have and will be there for us every step of the way. Allow me to explain.

Team Blagan- That’s us! Coined by the Mt. Eden A Team, “Go Blagan!” has been screamed loudly before each and every round of competition in the 2012 competition season. Blake and I are known to respond jointly when someone screams “Blagan!” in a crowded room. (The Mt. Eden girls tried this most recently by screaming “Blagan” across the crowded Brussels airport. Neither of us responded to our individual names, but “Blagan” got our attention!)

The King- We fondly refer to Leonardo, my horse and our American Pas de Deux mount, as “The King”. He is spoiled (though not rotten), commands and deserves attention, and is ridiculously good at what he does. He’s a champion through and through, and he knows it.

The Duke- Jarl, our World Championships mount, is “The Duke”. He is the first horse ever to receive a horse score above a 9 (a 9.175 in Aachen). Let’s just say this ex-jumper has found his calling.

The Crown- The simple one in the middle with the squiggly line under it is the Danish Warmblood symbol, since both Leonardo and Jarl are Danish. You’ll just have to guess at the symbolic significance of the other crown.

USA- Most importantly, we are Team USA. It is a great source of pride to wear and carry the American flag at big international events, most of all at the World Championships.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support.